Hello and thanks for your interest in our Aerial Reel. We hope we can help you with your aerial needs or at the very least we hope you enjoy the video!

We like to say that motion creates emotion. When you get a moving perspective from the sky of whatever content you are creating it brings a level of production to the video or photo content that is unparalleled. Over and over again whenever we do aerial video for clients or if we are simply just showing a video to a friend they always point out the aerial shots. Aerial is a win win for everyone and we always recommend it whenever possible.

We at The Production Loft are FAA licensed to legally fly drones for commercial purposes. This is extremely important to keep in mind when choosing a aerial operator for your aerial needs. The last thing you want is trouble from the authorities and it is never good to look unprofessional. We have the credentials and a pilot that has been flying for years!

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